About Dan Naulty


Hi there!, I’m Dan Naulty. I’m a Christian, a husband to Cassandra and a father to two boys, TJ (now 14) and Hunter (now 16).

My testimony goes like this. After pitching for the Minnesota Twins in 1996, I was invited to church just before departing for the 1997 season. I heard the Gospel for the first time in my life — and God saved me from my sin and misery. After winning the World Series with the 1999 Yankees, I went on to complete my undergraduate degree in biblical studies (Moody Bible Institute), an MA in biblical studies (Trinity Theological Seminary), and a post-grad MTh in practical theology (Oxford University).

I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

You can read my blog (dannaulty.com) and follow me on Twitter (@dannaulty).

Please contact me if you have any questions.