what to expect this sunday

What to Expect

We are meeting at 60 Port Sheldon St SWPlease follow the signs when you arrive.

  • Expect to be greeted with Christian hospitality.
  • Expect the worship service to be designed with the whole people of God in mind (diversity is our strength).
  • Expect the worship service to be done with a spirit of excellence (cf. Exod. 23:19).
  • Expect the worship service to be ordered by the logic of the gospel (praise, confession, means of grace, thanksgiving, and benediction).
  • Expect the worship service to establish an atmosphere of reverence–we are meeting with God who is among us (cf. 1 Cor. 14:25).
  • Expect clear and edifying preaching throughout a book of the Bible and topical preaching when appropriate.
  • Expect the worship music–as a gift of God–to move our emotions, memory, and discipline us toward our great God and sanctify our souls.
  • Expect the worship service to be about 75min in length.
  • Expect to be invited to lunch following the service (these will be random church-wide invitations with plenty of notice given). There is a church-wide lunch planned for September 1 following our first service.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Naulty.