church planting in Jenison

why another church in jenison?

There are at least three reasons why we believe another church is necessary in Jenison.

One, according to City-Data, 47% of Georgetown Township’s (GT) population claims no affiliation to any religion. If “dechurched folks” (those that were once affiliated with a church but are no longer) are added to that percentage, GT’s number rises to 60%. That’s a total of 16,560 people claiming that they have no religious affiliation. As Jenison falls within GT and is certainly close to all those within its bounds, we see a desperate need for sharing the Gospel and encouraging our brothers and sisters to come back to the church.

Two, church planting is the most effective way of introducing the Gospel to the unchurched. Statistics demonstrate that churches under 4 years old have a rate of salvific conversion that is 5-7 times greater than churches 5 years and older. The Lord certainly uses older churches to save the lost, but church plants are uniquely situated to be used by the Lord to reach those outside the church.

Three, we need more churches that focus on the ordinary means of grace (preaching, communion, baptism, and prayer). We will be a church that preaches the word, prays the word, reads the word, sings the word, and administers the word. Faith Presbyterian Church is committed to these means by which God blesses, nourishes, and strengthens the soul. We believe through our word-centric focus–God will edify believers and reach those in need of salvation. 

We hope and pray you would consider visiting us!

If you have any further questions, please contact Dan Naulty.